Summer is getting close and normally this time of year is when you’re in your best shape. It’s been a little over a month of quarantine and you might’ve noticed you don’t reach the same intensity as you would’ve in the actual gym environment. Maybe you’re wondering if barbells, heavy weights and the GHD miss you as much as you miss them. If this along with other stresses have you turning the dial down on your fitness.

How can you prevent this feeling and get back on track with your fitness goals? Here are three workouts that are challenging yet simple that you can repeat 3x per week that will get closer to being summer cut.

Workout 1: “Quarantine those Guns”

200m run
19 Push Ups*
200m run
19 Bicep Curls**
*Mix it up every round: close, wide, normal, HSPU’s
**Mix it up every round: Hammer Curls, Regular, Pull Ups, Rows, Renegade Rows

Workout 2: “Core-19”

1: Mountain Climbers
2: Russian Twist
3: V-Ups

Workout 3: “Viral Booty”

5 rounds of (SCORE IS FOR TIME)
19 Air Squats
19 Walking Lunges
19 Single Leg Glut Bridges
Accumulate 1 minute wall sit

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and shoot me your best time or amount of rounds you completed or tag us at @cfmountainsedge and use the hash tag #itsatrap and title the workout!

We love you guys.

Coach Royce