Have you ever in your life felt like you weren't yourself? What did that energy feel like? Was it full of energy or lack of energy? What are some of those characteristic traits at that moment? 

Our “self” is comprised of many parts; our persona,  our ego,  anima/animus side, and our dark side. When we feel we are not ourselves, it's a battle of identity between these parts of our character. Every trait good or bad has its benefits. When we suppress those traits it can be physically and mentally exhausting. 

Somewhere along our journey, we have suppressed these darker characteristic traits. Because we painted them in a bad picture. Every emotion has its uses. They both can be destructive and beneficial. 

Today we want you to observe all your traits; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Find benefits from each one. We hope you gain a better understanding of the darker self and be able to find peace in the person you are. We hope you find a way to integrate all your characteristic traits to serve others and to be better.  Hope you guys enjoy.