Results and Testimonials

Eric De Latore


  • Down 15lbs 
  • Down 4% Body Fat 
  • Gained 10lbs of Muscle

“I’s all worth it at the end. You look better, feel better and you have a better understanding of what you’re capable of doing.”

The experience was challenging and it took a lot of will power for me. I changed my eating habits, my lifestyle, and in the process I lost 15 pounds and 4% body fat. What made it so much easier was having the community like group of people to help motivated each other and the coaches holding you accountable. 

I highly recommend doing the 42 day challenge because it’s not a lot of time. You can make significant changes at the very beginning of your journey. 

Corey Lofton


  • Down 15lbs in Body Weight
  • Down 5% Body Fat
  • Gained 8lbs of Muscle

“Become 100% invested to your self and the amazing community! It is all postive energy and the results just keep coming!” This challenge has given me so much. I’ve not only lost weight but I’ve gotten way stronger as well. My motivation has skyrocketed. I also appreciate the community on a whole other level now, truly feels like a family. I enjoyed every-minute of it and honestly didn’t want it to end! The diet was tough and effective, but not impossible. With the challenge,  I went much harder on my workouts and motivated me to continually come in. 

I ABSOLUTELY recommend joining and doing the challenge at the start. I was changing slower when I first started but once I got the basics down, it really started to amplify my results.  

Melinda Montanez


  • Down 20lbs of Body Weight
  • Down 6% Body Fat
  • Gained 10lbs of Muscle

I just completed the 42 Day Shred Challenge and I got so much more than I anticipated from this experience! Initially I was just hoping to lose a little weight, but I found that weight loss was just the beginning. At my lowest I lost 14lbs during the first 42 days, but what I gained was more valuable. I found a community of people  with the same goals and they made coming to class enjoyable even on days when I lacked motivation to do much of anything. 

Completing the challenges showed me that I have the discipline and focus needed to to make positive changes in my life. This has improved my self confidence and sense of self worth. I’m thankful to the coaches who took a genuine interest in my well being and now know that living a healthier lifestyle is possible. 

Drew Erickson


  • Down 15lbs of Body Weight 
  • Down 3% Body Fat
  • Gained 8lbs of Muscle 




Antonio Henry


  • Down 35lbs of Body Weight 
  • Down 7% Body Fat
  • Gained 15lbs of Muscle
“See it through, don’t cheat yourself, do the nutrition the workouts and listen to the coaches. It will work!”
To me it was extremely motivating to just make to the gym and the rest will take care of it’s self. It made it much easier because my wife helped do the meal component of this challenge. Everyone was warm and welcoming the moment I set my foot into the door. The program overall was simple and pretty straight forward. I really didn’t think it was hard at all. Just make it in and the rest will take care of its self. I lost almost my goal weight loss in the first 3 weeks. I got injured one week but I still kept losing weight because of the nutrition. I highly recommend checking Royce’s team out, they know what they are doing and if you want results gota check them out. 


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